Jacob Street Lights

Christmas lights set to music in Navarre, Ohio.

There will be NO lights to music this year.

I've decided to stop doing the animated lights to music for December 2015.

The amount of time it takes to set up, program the sequences, the nightly check that everything is running has convinced me to scale back and not set up the display to animate to music. I have put up a fraction of the static lights.  There will be no animations and no broadcasting of music. I hope you are able to find other displays that do all the craziness, but I am putting it all aside for now.  



The OLD DISPLAY HAD  32 Channels of Computer control There were roughly 12,000 lights  including 1600 mini-lights on the 26 foot frasier fir tree, a large 7 foot lighted star above the garage, arches over the driveway, some blowmolds, wire cage Christmas trees, and various other items.  About a half to two thirds of the display is synchronized to the music controlled with two 16 channel Light-O-Rama controllers and the rest are constantly on.

Good luck finding other fun displays and Merry Christmas!


Roughly 1/2 of the lights controlled by the controllers and the rest are always on.










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